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Piecemeal Projects

Achieve the Results You Deserve in Your Business with Proven-Done-For-You Marketing and Copywriting Solutions…without Burning through Your Marketing Budget or the Pain of Cold-Calling

Copywriting-Results services are ideally suited to organisations seeking professional standard direct response copy without having to incur the excessive costs associated with an advertising agency. The following services are offered on a per-project basis.

The minimum fee for our services is $1,500.The only exception is the Critique Service.

  • Copywriting for Marketing Material

    Copywriting assignments can include press advertisements, media releases, brochures, newsletters, web site copy, on-line advertising campaigns and point-of-sale material.

  • Website Content

    Need a review of your website or a completely new website? Get yourself a hard-hitting website that attracts your target market like a magnet.

  • Sales Letters & Email Follow-up Series

    Need an attention grabbing sales letter to promote your products or services on the internet. A persuasively written sales letter and intriguing email series will convert suspects and prospects into long-term clients.

  • Intro Videos and Video Sales Letters

    Harness the power of audio-visual media to cut through the clutter and penetrate through to the senses which arouse your prospects to buy from you.

  • Stun & Amaze Packs

    When this offline pack comprising a Brochure Sequence and order form lands on a prospect’s desk, they will be stunned and amazed. A surefire winner if you have a list of prospects you want to target.

  • Creative Quoting System

    Shortlisted for a quote? If you’re a tradesperson or a service business and are asked to submit a quote, this is what will get you over the edge. A closely guarded secret weapon to help you win in the new economy.

  • Creative Concept Development

    Development of concepts for advertising campaigns, promotional schemes, product launches. I can also provide you with objective feedback on your marketing plans.

  • Content Editing and Review

    If your existing communication requires a review or a professional touch, I can revise and rewrite material to a high standard so that it is more customer focused. you may also require a periodic review of your website content. I can provide you with ideas for additional content that may benefit your site.

  • Content Management

    I can help you collate content from various sources that you may have, and prepare communication pieces for brochures, advertising campaigns, websites etc.

  • Online Surveys

    In addition to copywriting services, I can also assist you with the design and administration of online surveys. You would require a database of prospective respondents with email addresses to make this possible.

  • Business Proposals, Business Reports and Power-Point Presentations

    Whatever you need to win new business, persuasive copy is critical to your success. If you’re struggling to attract the right clients, this is what makes a difference.

Before you make an enquiry, please ensure you’ve researched your market thoroughly to ensure there’s a strong demand for your product or service.

If you’re trying to revive or flog a product that no one really wants, there’s not much I can do to help you.

If you sincerely believe you have an in-demand product or service, please fill in this form, so we can get those sales going:

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