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Our Guarantee

The Copywriting-Results Guarantee Explained

At Copywriting-Results, we believe in providing clients with solutions that deliver results. The strategies and tactics we recommend have been proven to work across different business segments all over the world.

While you are most likely to see results in a few short months, please understand that marketing in a dynamic environment is all about testing…meaning sometimes we may not get it right in the first attempt.

But that doesn’t mean we walk away leaving you feeling cheated.

If we don’t deliver more leads and improve your conversions, we will work with you until you get results for a whole 12 months…at no additional cost!

Here’s what we expect from you to make this happen.

  1. Trust in our system and process. Adding your creative touch to the content we provide could ruin the hard work we put in…and affect your results.
  2. A system to document your results.
  3. Potential for improvement. If we think you’re already doing extremely well…we’d rather walk away and help someone who is struggling