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In The Next 5 Minutes I Will Reveal How You Can Get A Stream Of Prospects Eager To Buy Your Products or Services Even As You Sleep…And Save You A Ton Of Money Wasted On Advertising That Doesn’t Work…

…Using Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting SecretsThat Will Drive your Competitors Insane!

Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

If you are frustrated that your business marketing effort has not raked in the profits, reading this message for 5 minutes is literally going to rock you into action so you can start to see some real marketing results in your first month. Especially if you are new to direct marketing and copywriting!

Why is that?

Because what you’re about to discover are business marketing and copywriting secrets that businesses just like yours are using to double or triple their income without breaking into a nervous sweat every time their accountant comes around asking for an explanation about their marketing expenses.

I’ve seen the mistake being made over and over again…businesses promoting their products or services through their website, newspaper ads, TV, radio, mailbox drops…even the yellow pages.

What I find in almost every business marketing situation are the same old vanilla flavoured messages, none of which stand out from the competition or addresses the real need of the prospect. What amazes me as a Sydney Copywriter even more is that even in this day and age businesses still try and use “hard sell” techniques, knowing fully well that people hate to be sold to.

No wonder they break into a sweat when their accountant comes around asking for tangible results from their business marketing…

…Until They Discover My Cash Sucking Direct Marketing and Copywriting Secrets!

These are the same business marketing secrets that will get your phones ringing off the hook and your inbox filled to capacity with requests for your products and services.

Let me share one such business marketing secret that you can apply straightaway in your business! Whether you’re sending out direct mail or writing content for your website, here’s how you can easily double your response rate

Here’s what you need to do with your business marketing.

Think of an irresistible offer that you can make to your prospects that will excite them into taking action, whether you want them to buy your product or make an enquiry.

For example if you sell plumbing services and are targeting businesses, send out a Direct Marketing offer letter for a Gold Membership program. For a membership fee, you offer to take care of monthly maintenance and repairs that are required in the building…with only the material costs being payable.

Which means they no longer have to spend time and money ringing around for a plumber each time there’s a problem. The probability of a problem occurring is also reduced because of the regular maintenance services being provided.

A skilled Direct Marketing copywriter can help you craft a letter that is attention grabbing and presents the offer so that you will have prospects grabbing their pens to sign a deal…and your competitors kicking themselves in anguish!

A simple business marketing idea, yet skillfully presented it could easily double your sales in 12 months or less…

…bring in more sales in one month than your top salesperson could get working 12 hour days for one year…

…banish cold calling forever. Your prospects will begin to call you instead.

In fact I’ll show you some cash crunching business marketing ideas that will cost you just a few dollars…some that are even FREE! Strategies that will get your small business hordes of buyers you’re missing right now…

Look, the truth is, your prospects probably buy the products that you sell…from your competitors. With my silver bullet business marketing and copywriting strategies your small business marketing will get a whole lot more profitable, FAST…and your competitors shocked… as they lose customers even faster.

At last…you can now unleash the power of silver bullet direct marketing and copywriting strategies to skyrocket your small business sales, recession proof your business and leave your competitors shell shocked!

But first, let me tell you about myself because in this age of “Fast Results” business marketing – you should always know who you’re dealing with and what they can do for you…

I’m Farhad Khurshed, Direct Response Marketing Copywriter and your Strategic Business Marketing partner. I was once in exactly the same position as you are. After years of working for large advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi I decided to strike it out on my own…

…when the euphoria of starting my own business, Copywriting-Results sank in, and I easily completed my first couple of copywriting jobs, I realised I was stuck without a system to help me find new clients and offer more value to my existing ones…

…until I discovered a system Copywriting-Results that I now use to generate leads, improve conversions, obtain referrals and get customers coming back to me…so I never need to cold call for business…

…and I’m sharing my Copywriting-Results business marketing secrets with you so that you achieve the lifestyle that you truly deserve.

Here are a few business marketing tactics you will discover to get your cash registers ringing when you work with me:

  • The first step you MUST take before you write a single word of copy for your ad. This single reason has spelt the doom of thousands of small businesses
  • How to use HOT BUTTONS in your direct marketing copywriting so prospects whip out their credit card even before they finish reading the sales copy
  • How to get prospects streaming to your website like bees to honey
  • A fool-proof method to guarantee your customers never forget about you and the biggest mistake even large businesses make while communicating with their customers
  • Firing up the potential of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and Blogs to jackknife your sales growth
  • The push button method you can use to boost your online income and generate money 24/7/365
  • Low cost advertising strategies that can easily slash your marketing costs in half
  • How to drive visitors to your website for FREE
  • The sure fire way to build relationships with your prospects and clients on autopilot

…and that’s just for starters!

Why you should stop throwing away money and contact Copywriting-Results TODAY!

Let me ask you a question. Would you hire an accountant who is not professionally qualified? Has not chalked up the necessary experience? Does not have a high ethical and moral standard?

Of course you wouldn’t!!

Deciding which copywriter to work with is no different. The success of your business depends on it. Which is why you have to choose carefully.

Just like some of my clients did. Here’s what they found when working with me.

“I have used Copywriting-Results services over the last few months and I have to say that I am very impressed”

You guys work in record time which is a breath of fresh air and you have delivered on deadline every single time.
We got good consistent results and your latest job got us 400 people registering to our latest webinar which is a good number.

Keep up the good work and help more business owners get more leads guys! I will refer business to you as I know that this definitely works.

Fabrice Beillard, Founder and CEO –

“I highly recommend Farhad’s OUTSTANDING COPY…”

As the Managing Director of Australia’s top IT consulting company, I only work with professionals who can meet my stringent quality criteria. I started working with Farhad back in June 2008 and haven’t looked back. Farhad’s Outstanding Copy-Writing services and amazing ability to understand my requirements is what sets him apart as a copywriter.

Many of my Top Clients insist that I use Farhad’s services for their copywriting work. The RESULTS that he has generated in dollar terms is just one reason that I would highly recommend Farhad.

I truly appreciate his quick turn around times, reasonable rates and his amazing can-do attitude.. You can count on Farhad to always deliver copywriting that will give you outstanding results.

Bhauvik Tripathi –
SHIVAM TECHNOLOGIES Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Chance Meeting leads to Rewarding Association

“I met Farhad by chance at an internet marketing seminar in Sydney and decided to try him out.

He has now completed numerous writing assignments for me and I have always been very happy with his work.

He has produced website content, sales letters for e-books and content for e-books without missing a deadline”.

Logan Nathan

Would your life be easier…

If you could focus on critical aspects of your business marketing without having to worry about finding new prospects and converting them to cash paying customers?

Imagine how much easier your life can be when you work on building your business with competency, clarity, and vision!
Don’t waste your time worrying about how you will find the time to find prospects, get traffic to your website and convert prospects to customers

Invest in a professional Sydney Copywriter who can use a combination of 26 alphabets to weave some magic around your products or services to make you some serious money. You will breathe easier, your customers will be delighted and your cash register will ring ever so sweetly.

If you are still reading, then I know that you are serious about taking your business marketing to the next level. There’s one thing you need to do to make it happen. And that is to take action… Leave the rest to me.

I’m truly excited about the prospect of working with you. The prospect of working on new assignments gets my creative juices flowing at high speed.

Whatever anyone else may tell you… you do need an experienced marketer to look at your business from the outside.

Before you go further I must tell you that my business marketing and copywriting services are not for those who look for the cheapest price. My services aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for the cheapest Sydney Copywriter…keep on looking. There are plenty of writers who will write for peanuts. However you know what results you can expect.

But if you are serious and believe that you get what you pay for – you’ll enjoy working with me. A tiny investment of your time and money will return exponential profits for your business.

Why wait? It’s time for action.



Or call me on 61 425276324

To able to maximize my effectiveness I will need to understand your business, products and services better and will require information such as:

  • Company background, challenges faced and your current strategy. I’ll need to see any of your existing marketing materials, and links to your website
  • If you’re just starting out, we can outline a strategy to get you off the starting blocks in a flash
  • How to get prospects streaming to your website like bees to honey
  • It’s also important that I understand your current situation and your short-term and long-term goals as this will determine what strategy needs to be applied to promote your business.

The information you provide will enable me to understand your business and the market you are in, so that any recommendations I make are relevant and that I’m not shooting in the dark. Please don’t feel this is to make you uncomfortable or defensive.

Needless to say the information that you provide will be treated in strict confidentiality. Very often many clients have found that providing this information helps them look at their business in a new light and with a greater degree of clarity.

Once I’ve reviewed the information, I will make my recommendations and propose your action plan. Once you agree with my recommendations I will begin writing copy for you.

Of course if all you need is a few tweaks here and there I will just tell you and you will not have to waste your money.

Because I am so confident that my strategies will work, I am prepared to offer you my personal…


Why am I offering this guarantee?

I want to see your business grow beyond what you think is possible. And I want to take the risk off you.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, are you ready?
It’s time for you to take action.

I’d love to work with you, but am rather selective about my clients. I prefer to take on just one or two assignments a month, so I can give them my full attention.



I wish you good luck and hope to hear from you soon.


Farhad Khurshed

P.S. Remember, the sooner you decide to take action, the sooner you will begin to see the results that you want!

P.P.S. Currently I’m offering FREE business marketing consultations. However these may not last forever, as I have limits on the time I have available. So go ahead and send me an e-mail today. I guarantee it’s a decision you will never regret in your Business Marketing.