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Helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Generate a Guaranteed Return on Investment in Marketing

The Copywriting-Results Story

In a fiercely competitive market where business owners are finding it harder to win long-term clients, we provide marketing solutions that weed out time wasters, generate a constant stream of qualified prospects and guarantee a rapid return on investment.

Farhad KhurshedHi There,

My name is Farhad Khurshed and I’m the founder of Copywriting-Results. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners with reliable and affordable marketing solutions guaranteed to grow their businesses… without the embarrassment of cold calling or wasting money on advertising where results cannot be measured.

Overcoming Adversity to Begin Life in a New Country

When I first received news our Permanent Residency in Australia had been approved, my wife and I were overjoyed and decided to make an initial trip to explore the delights of Sydney. In a whirlwind trip we took in the sights, had an amazing time and reaffirmed to ourselves this was the country we would like to spend the rest of our our lives in.

When we arrived to take up residency in late 1999, we were in for an unpleasant surprise. Occupying senior positions in previous jobs, it never occurred to us I would have to start right from the bottom rung. After months applying unsuccessfully for jobs in our fields, we were compelled to accept jobs in which we had no interest, so we could pay the bills.

Our first son was born in 2000. I had just finished volunteering for the Sydney Olympics and was working in telesales in the evenings. My wife was working as an insurance consultant and worked until the last day of pregnancy, so she could make the most of her maternity leave.

Our second son was born in 2003, by which time we had settled into a humdrum life. Despite our best efforts, we were unsuccessful in finding daycare facilities for our children, and were on the waiting list. With no family support, we had to make the painful decision of sending both our children overseas to live with their grandmother…each in turn until we could find a place for them in a daycare facility.

From Daring to Dream to Following my Passion for Marketing and Copywriting

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2008 when I left my job with an insurance company to return to my passion for marketing and copywriting.

I always nurtured a dream of starting my own business, and knew I would have to face some hardship initially, but have never looked back.

I was fortunate to have studied business management at University and specializing in marketing when studying full-time for an M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), which gave me the confidence and skills I needed to start my own business.

My first job in advertising was with Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies. The training I received was grueling, but one I am grateful for even today. It gave me the opportunity to think analytically, thoroughly research markets…and prepare marketing presentations to business leaders in diverse industries.

After eight years of moving up the corporate ladder, from telesales to door-to-door sales selling mobile phone plans and eventually to an underwriters role for a large insurance company, the entrepreneurial bug within me began to stir and I realised I needed to start my own marketing and copywriting business venture or I was going to be working for the man throughout my life.

I decided I had enough of the corporate world and with my wife’s support, decided to finally make my dream of starting a marketing and copywriting business a reality.

A Desire to Help Businesses Profit from Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting

While I was working full-time, I had picked up some freelance copywriting gigs, and clients were impressed with the results I was able to achieve for them. So it wasn’t difficult for me to decide what to do when I left my full-time job. My educational qualifications, international marketing experience and a thorough understanding of Direct Response Marketing were the right mix of ingredients to begin my new venture Copywriting-Results.

With a new website and my own Direct-Response marketing campaign, I began offering my marketing and copywriting services to local businesses. I found business owners spending small fortunes on advertising and marketing techniques which didn’t bring in the results. Worse, several businesses had no formal system in place to measure and track their marketing results. These business owners were amazed how a few simple changes helped them easily double their conversion rates.

Growing from Strength to Strength…

While helping small and medium businesses generate leads and significantly improve their conversions, I found there were other businesses which could benefit from my services.

These were businesses easily turning over sales in seven and eight figures. Sadly the business owners were spending so much time working in the business, they didn’t quite enjoy the lifestyle they thought they would enjoy, when they first began their enterprise.

While the business owners were on top of the marketing game, they wanted someone who they could rely on to prepare material they required for their ongoing marketing campaigns.

As savvy marketers, the business owners know exactly what they’ve looking for and have the skills to do everything they need but lead extremely busy lives…often flying all over the world to speak at seminars and other events. They would much rather partner with a Direct Response Marketing Exert, able to commit to a long-term relationship, so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

These are the businesses that benefit the most from my services, as they understand the value a Direct Response Marketing consultant can bring to help them continually generate profits, while they enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about us and you will see that we are absolutely serious about their business success.

I also realised I couldn’t help everyone who needed my marketing and copywriting services, and decided to write a back to basics book which simplifies the marketing process. The book, How to Double Your Local Business Sales Without Cold Calling, is essential reading for small business owners and start-ups who want to avoid making the costly mistakes responsible for the failure of others who learnt about marketing the hard way.

Can You Afford to Play the Guessing Game with Your Marketing?

Now that you know a little bit about Copywriting-Results, what about your business?

Yes, I know it isn’t as easy anymore to win loyal customers. With media reps, advertising agencies, and marketing consultants who can’t guarantee results, you wonder how to invest your marketing dollar. You may be unsure about the process of crafting a marketing message which can produce the results you desire…

…or you may just want someone who can take on the task of creating engaging sales content and put together marketing pieces, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Running a successful business isn’t getting any easier. An increasing number of business owners are finding it too hard to succeed and are forced to shut down. But this needn’t happen to you. You now have the opportunity to take your business to a whole new level using proven marketing techniques and done-for-you solutions,

If you can relate to what I have said so far and are open to the idea of working with Copywriting-Results to help you grow your business by harnessing the power of offline and online marketing…so you never have to worry about getting new customers or retaining the loyalty of existing ones…call us now.

I welcome you to contact us so you can explore the possibility of a rewarding association that will help you surpass competition, enhance your reputation and sleep peacefully at night, secure in the knowledge that you will never have to worry about the future of your business once you switch on your marketing machine.

To your business success,

Farhad Khurshed