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Landing Page Videos – Do they Always Work?

Landing page videos. Do they work? Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook or your other favourite social media, there’s no escaping videos. Of course it makes sense to use videos. With attention spans getting shorter, it’s so much easier to consume content in an  audio-visual form instead of reading a Read more...

Three Copywriting Clicks to Move Prospects from Fear to Trust

One of the most common copywriting mistakes made by marketing strategists when is an overriding focus on product features in their advertising messages. Strange as it may seem, it’s not really your “product”, the prospect is after. What your prospect is really seeking is a solution to a problem or a Read more...

Has the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Concept Lost It’s Long Term Potency?

  The term Unique Selling Proposition or USP as it is commonly known, was introduced in the 1940s by adman Robert Reeves. The purpose of a USP was to convey a unique benefit about the product or service to the target market which was not being offered by competitors.One of Read more...

The 5 Step Lead Generation System for Higher Sales Conversions

Whether you're finding it hard to get qualified leads or finding it difficult to convert them to paying customers, wouldn't it be great to have a proven lead generation system you could use to attract qualified leads, eliminate tyre-kickers, convert prospects to clients and make a tidy profit even Read more...


  • Bhauvik Tripathi

    "I highly recommend Farhad’s OUTSTANDING COPY..."

    As the Managing Director of Australia’s top IT consulting company, I only work with professionals who can meet my stringent quality criteria. I started working with Farhad back in June 2008 and haven’t looked back. Farhad’s Outstanding Copy-Writing services and amazing ability to understand my requirements is what sets him apart as a copywriter.

    Many of my Top Clients insist that I use Farhad’s services for their copywriting work. The RESULTS that he has generated in dollar terms is just one reason that I would highly recommend Farhad.

    Bhauvik Tripathi - SHIVAM TECHNOLOGIES Australia

  • Logan Nathan

    Chance Meeting leads to Rewarding Association

    I met Farhad by chance at an internet marketing seminar in Sydney and decided to try him out.

    He has now completed numerous writing assignments for me and I have always been very happy with his work.

    He has produced website content, sales letters for e-books and content for e-books without missing a deadline

    Logan Nathan

  • Fabrice Beillard

    "I have used Copywriting-Results services over the last few months and I have to say that I am very impressed"

    You guys work in record time which is a breath of fresh air and you have delivered on deadline every single time. We got good consistent results and your latest job got us 400 people registering to our latest webinar which is a good number.

    Keep up the good work and help more business owners get more leads guys! I will refer business to you as I know that this definitely works.

    Fabrice Beillard, Founder and CEO - www.australiabusinesscoaching.com.au